Thursday, July 23, 2009

He Blogs, She Blogs: For The Love Of Balls...

Petra a.k.a. The Wise (Young) Mommy: The Female

No, not that kind of balls.

Balls as in footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, etc. - today we are talking about, you guessed it--SPORTS.

The Captain and I were both kind of surprised that nobody had suggested this topic, nor had either one of us thought of it before now. But since it is often a subject of debate and argument among men and women everywhere, I thought it was something we should "tackle." (Heh, get it? Tackle?)

So I would like to start off by saying I am very passionate about sports.

Hahahaha, that was funny. I almost typed that with a straight face too. No, I am not all that passionate about sports, but I am passionate about this particular person who happens to play sports:
Stupid super models, they take all the good ones...

Funnily enough, even though I am not in love with sports, and 10 years ago I could not have named you ONE pro sports player other than maybe Michael Jordan or Drew Bledsoe, now I pretty much know every player of the Red Sox, The Patriots and The Celtics AND their positions. I can watch any sporting event and know EXACTLY what is going on at every moment, and even throw in witty commentary and well-timed remarks about the players if it happens to be baseball, basketball or football. Yes, people, I have become one of those women, that special sect of wives, girlfriends, and/or significant others that have become known as SPORTS WIDOWS.

When I began dating my husband, it became obvious that I was going to have to make a decision. I could choose to ignore sports and be completely uninvolved in them, thus creating a giant chasm between my (now) husband and I and pretty much consign myself to spending countless evenings on my own while he watched sports OR, I could learn the games, watch them with him, and make it something that we could do together. Being the understanding and flexible woman that I am, I chose Option B. So now I spend many nights watching baseball, basketball and/or football (sometimes more than one in one night, depending on the time of year) and sometimes I even enjoy it.

Notice I say sometimes. Because honestly, there are many times when I am so SICK of watching sports that I end up watching television in the other room or negotiate with my husband so that we can watch something else. I have also taken to reading while he watches the game, which is quite a nice compromise because then we are still spending time together (something we don't get much of lately) and can chat here and there, but we are both doing what we love. It works.

Now if only Tom Brady would be healthy this season, it would be a complete win/win.

Chad a.k.a Captain Dumbass: the male

Sports? I can't believe we haven't done this one yet. Especially after all the 'what do you want to write about? I don't know, what do you want to write about?' emails Petra and I shoot back and forth. Men, women, sports... that's proven recipe for angst.

Luckily for my wife, while I love sports, I don't need to watch it all the time. In fact, while I'll watch the playoffs when my team is still in it, I can happily go the whole season without watching a regular season game. The only sport I used to watch religiously was golf, and that was only when I was playing. Pre-kids. These days, the only must see sports for me are the Olympics. I freakin love the Olympics. I don't even care what I'm watching. Unless it's speed walking. Sorry if you're a fan, I just can't get into that one.

In fact, my wife is really lucky, because I don't follow football, baseball or basketball. Football? Meh. It's boring. Sure, every once in awhile you'll get some running, but most of the time they're barely moving 5-10 yards either way. *Yawn* And what the hell is with their schedule? They play like five games and their season is over. Baseball? I'd like to try watching a real game one day, but on tv? Snore. Basketball is exciting. If it's a close game and you're watching the last 5 minutes of the last quarter. Otherwise all the fouls just make me shake my head. Man it up! This is my problem with all big three sports, they play like little girls, or in the case of football, they hardly play. Now hockey... well that's different. You don't see NHL players taking 6 weeks off because they broke a pinky nail. These guys play with broken bones. They'll take stitches on the bench so they don't miss a shift. Granted, MLB plays more games, but they don't move for most of the game, so it doesn't count.

Um? Ok, not sure what direction I was starting out on with that last paragraph, but I didn't end up where ever I was planning to go. I've been writing and filling in job applications at the same time and I may have gotten off track. Except... heh heh, if I don't find a job soon it will be September and the kids will be back in school and I won't have anything to do around the house except watch sports. Ta-dah! If you're lazy enough you can tie anything together. Or a man. We can make excuses for anything.

Now, did I stir up any angry comments?


  1. Balls? Both of you had trouble thinking balls could be a good topic. I needs to send both of you some ideas...

  2. I'm pretty similar to Dumbass regarding sports. I'll watch the occasional big game (and I'm only talking about football - aka soccer - here), a couple of finals perhaps, but that's it. I do fantasy football but it's all pretty subtle, I do that over lunch or for ten minutes late at night, so basically I don't really let sports have much of a say in our family life. I guess I don't see it as that important. Marriage and parenting are the priority.

  3. Luckily for me, my husband's favorite team is the Patriots!!!

  4. Wow! A Canadian who prefers hockey: I didn't see that coming.

  5. Lizspin - Isn't it grand?

    IB - I know, right? Sheesh! I thought the Captain was more original than Just kiddin' Captain!

  6. Well, gotta say that I am lucky - the only sports that my hubs likes is the same I used to play - basketball. But we aren't really that into it any more because there is not enough time in a day to keep up with it all.

  7. @ Chad. The NFL plays four preseason games, sixteen regular season games and if your the Patriots! Three to four post season games.. Thats 23-24 games. just fyi. Also Golf? oh, please. Thats worse than speed walking... Not a fan of hockey; however in HD it is much better because you can see the puck and the playoffs are good action. But Pet does not allow me to watch the NHL.
    Great Post guys..
    Petra Husband

  8. Wow! Petra Husband commented! I believe thats a first.

    If I had HD I'd watch everything.

  9. hahaha, yes, I put my foot down with hockey because we already watch UFC and it's basically the same thing but on ice with a projectile. Plus we already watch so many other sports, I had to draw the line somewhere!!!! lol.

  10. I like watching football and basketball, but that's about it! As for basketball, I'll only watch The Jazz (because, hey, they're my home team) but I'll watch just about any football team... and the Colts are my favorite! The Olympics always provide some good entertainment... maybe I'll go catch some of the down hill competitions in Vancouver and visit the Captain ... ha ha ha!

  11. Petra, there actually is a third option. Understand the sports your husband watches so that you can mock the players and/or inundate him during games with snide remarks. It's much more fun than trying to watch it all with a straight face.

    Captain, your wife is lucky to have you. I have a husband that will watch any and every football and baseball game on TV or live and also tries to sneak basketball in until I throw such a fit that he will quit watching for a couple of weeks. The month of October is hell for me. And I actually enjoy watching baseball. Just not THAT much.

  12. Ah Hockey. Not a huge fan, but will go to a game.

    Actually, my wife and I are huge college basketball fans. Having grown up on Tobacco Road and the attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill it is in our blood.

    And I do have to say when my wife can rattle off players names and positions it is hot.

    I also am a huuuuuuuge tennis fan and make sure that I watch all the Grand Slams.

    Golf, good sleeping music.

  13. @ chad: I comment when its interesting.. Take off the Skirt and shock The He Blogs She Blogs Site. Cross the Line.
    Pet's gonna kill me.
    Petra Husband.

  14. I here ya, PH, Petra and I agree on too many things. I need to go caveman to stir things up.

  15. Please excuse my husband's rudeness! A

    Are you saying that nothing we have written here has been interesting and that is why you haven't commented? Thanks honey, you're sweet. Love you too.

  16. Sorry to all. Yup im in big f***** trouble. lol
    Chad, you got it..... I think your the best, i voted for ya. And dont be afraid to put me in my place.....
    Pet, oh please, of course not.. im being dramatic to enhance my point and Chad said i never comment and i have, so i was being fresh.
    How would it sound if you both wrote your points of view from how you would exactly want it, instead of how it actually is?
    Petra Husband

  17. Jeez, Mom and Dad are fighting again.

  18. I was not really into football until a number of years back when we didn't have cable and were off on Sundays and Mondays. That's when it all began. We've been talking about ditching cable again to save $$ and I'm all, "But then we won't get the NFL channel!"

    I can kind of leave the rest though. Except gymnastics, I will always watch that.

    PS - Thanks for the nice picture, Petra! That made my morning!

  19. Sports equals boring. Sorry, can't stand to watch it. On the other hand, if hubby is watching a baseball game or golf, I'll stay in the room with him and read or go on the computer. That is definitely a good compromise.
    Yes, thank you, Petra, for that good looking piece of eye candy in the photo. Made me smile.

  20. I've never been a Tom Brady fan but that picture was yummy. Captain, I think hockey is the sport to go with except that they play umpteen thousand games a year and it's hard to blog AND watch a puck.

  21. I just happened on this blog. My husband likes to watch sports, and I'll join him most of the time for baseball and basketball, but I just can't get into football. Don't care for Hockey, either. Will watch golf if Tiger is playing. Here's what I blogged about sports:

  22. haven't caught the bug for watching Curling all the time yet ??

  23. What about soccer... we watch soccer and hockey in my house... they move;) I'm with you Petra... I could either get into soccer or be totally left in the dust with my hubby... it's his life!

  24. I guess I don't see it as that important. Marriage and parenting are the priority.

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