Thursday, July 2, 2009

Technical Difficulties...

This week's He Blogs, She Blogs is being canceled due to technical difficulties. Apparently, Captain Dumbass' computer is on the fritz and rather than have him labor over a post on his ipod, we decided to take a week off and come back fresh next week with something enlightening and hilarious (you know, we like to change things up from time to time).

So come back next week, when we will tackle the age-old video game debate, and whether ruling at World of Warcraft should be considered a resume-worthy special skill or a pathetic obsession.

So hold tight and practice your bitch-slapping skills in Grand Theft Auto while you wait.


  1. did ed hillary say we'll give everest a miss today tenzing, my feet are sore? NO! did armstrong and the rest of the space guys flag the moon cos the lading module unity thing was made of plastic? NO! did... oh god I've had too much coffee. you get my drift...

    can't you risk contracting hand gonorrea and just go to an internet cafe?

  2. I cannot believe this. I was fully expecting a badly-spelled, gramatically poor, tired-fingers post form Dumbass's ipod. Talk about disappointment.

  3. OMG!! Someone put in an obituary that the deceased had a gift with music - playing the air guitar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe, the next president should be a world of warcraft ruler.

  4. I vote resume as it shows "determination" just saying (excuse me I have a farm to plow)

  5. Was so looking forward to an iPod post. But we'll just have to wait and practice my shooting skills at Halo.